The House

This design is for a contemporary home with a sustainable design ethos. The shape of the structure uses a minimal amount of material to enclose a maximum amount of space – a novel approach to ecological sustainability. Further enhanced by our primary material being wood,  a natural and renewable building material. 

The design focuses on of being a functional home for a couple or small family. Upstairs has a two bedroom and one bathroom layout with storage built into the curving walls. Downstairs can be a separate kitchen and living room or a single open plan space. The layout is efficiently achieving all details for a comfortable lifestyles.

House Sizes

This is a modular building. The front profile is 6m wide and each bay is 1.25m long. We can customise a building to a particular lengths to achieve a desired floor area from 100 sq/m – 140 sq/m.

The Prototype House

The outside of the building features Cedar cladding on the end walls. There is a choice of window and door layout options for the end walls with the glazing extending right into the curving roof for a clean dramatic finish. 

The curving roof and flashing is carried out in corrugated steel which is galvanised and has a powder-coated finish. Velux windows can be set into the curve if needed. 

(Please note that the dimensions of the prototype build in the photos has a front arch of 5m wide and 5m tall. However our new designs are 6m wide and 6m tall. The greater width and height giving a more generous living space upstairs with much better proportions outdoors) 


The images show the downstairs as a single open-plan space. A kitchen at one end and a living room layout at the other end. It could easily be split into two independent rooms.  

This dimensions of the prototype build are 5m x 10m  downstairs and is 5m tall. Our new designs are 6m x 10m downstairs and  6m tall. The greater width and height giving a more generous living space upstairs. 

Drawings & Renders